I want to make a mess on your carpet

image1 (1)It’s been way to long between updates. The business of running a brewery ended up taking over for a bit there. There is a lot to post about but first here is something I have been meaning to write for a long time.

We often have people comment or complain that when they open our cans beer and foam bubbles up and over the top and causes a mess. This is totally intentional. One of the biggest priorities when packaging beer is keeping the oxygen levels low. We often refer to this as DO or dissolved oxygen. The level of oxygen left in the beer will have a significant impact on how good the beer will taste for how long.  There are two things we do during the canning process to reduce oxygen, one is we purge the cans out with carbon dioxide, the gas that makes beer fizzy, before filling them. The other is we make sure that the can is as full of beer as it can possibly be, there by pushing as much remaining air out of the can.  So next time you crack one of our cans and make a mess remember that is exactly what we wanted to happen.