Visitation - 10.5% Belgian Quadrupel Can 440mL
Visitation - 10.5% Belgian Quadrupel Can 440mL - North End Brewery Co.

Visitation - 10.5% Belgian Quadrupel Can 440mL

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When placing your order can you please specify if you would like the 2020 or 2021 Vintage in the Notes section.

2021 Vintage - This week we release the new 2021 vintage of Visitation our Belgian style Quadruple. Brewed with a blend of Pilsner and Belgian style crystal malts, Belgian dark candi sugar and our multi strain Belgian yeast, the result is a super legit Abbey style strong dark ale perfect for winter fortification.
We have a limited amount of the 2020 vintage left as well if any customers wish to do vintage comparisons.

2020 Vintage - Behind the walls of several Belgian monasteries there exists a tradition of making strong, dark, rich, fruity beers packed with the flavours and aromas of dark sugar and dried fruit. The strongest of these are called Quadruples. Visitation takes its name from the Our Lady of Lourdes statue on the hill in Paraparaumu that was built in 1958 to commemorate the centenary of a visitation by the Virgin Mary. Warming and fortifying we think Visitation is the perfect contemplative brew over which to consider the ways of the world.