Barrel Aged Blanc de Festivus

bArrelIn just under a weeks time we will be pouring at the third incarnation of the Brewday Festival. Last year the festival instituted a festive brew theme and brewers were encouraged to brew beers to the theme. Last year the theme was ‘summer of saison’  and we brewed Le Chalereux Rivage which then developed into our spring seasonal Saison. This year the theme is “Why Wheat” . We weren’t in a position to come up with a new small batch brew for the festival this year so we decided to blend up something special for the event. While blending beers together might seem like heresy to some it is in fact a very traditional way to create a number of interesting beers by blending brews of different age and strength together.

Our festive brew comprises portions of our white IPA Blanc de Houblon, our Kolsch Pacific Blonde and our sauvignon blanc barrel aged saison Bruxellensis Reserve.  All three of these brews comprise varying proportions of malted wheat. The result sits somewhere in the Belgian Pale Ale style, pouring a pale gold with an enthusiastic white head, aromas of spice, fruity hops , vanilla and a subtle tangy wild barrel note, in the mouth the beer is richly malty with a good dose of Belgian spice, a hint of oak and a mildly tart finish. This is a beer you definitely will need to attend Brewday to taste! See you all there.