Brews, Barrels and Building

khmThings are picking up pace. We have been out at Kereru brewing beers almost every Tuesday for the last month and are set to be brewing every Tuesday for the next. We have knocked out a second batch of our historic Burton Ale recipe Southerly Front, a keg of which will be heading to Auckland to the SOBA City of Ales Festival, a third batch of ESB and our brand new NZ A.P.A. Field Way Pale Ale. This coming Tuesday we will brew Blanc de Houblon (‘The White Hop’), a white Belgian I.P.A. that will feature on our bar at Beervana. Then later this month we will also be brewing our top secret Beervana Media Brew with Bennett and Slater , and a full production batch of our Saison as a spring seasonal. We also attended the SOBA Winter Ales Festival and Kieran got a bit of media attention in his 1930’s brewers get up.

We have taken the exciting step of starting our barrel aging program. We have ordered our first 2 red wine barrels from the Te Mata Estate Winery. These will be going into the brewery space, with one being filled with the first batch of Southerly Front and the other with ESB, both will then be inoculated with brettanomyces bruxellensis , a wild funky tangy yeast strain ,and will be the start of our sour/wild barrel aging programme.

Also we expect construction on the wet floor in the brewery to begin in the next month or two. Exciting!