The Revolution Will Be Canned

3.-Extra-Special-BitterThere is a lot going on behind the scenes at North End at the moment. There are many many things to let you all know but for now let’s start with cans. We have just confirmed, in the form of a big deposit being paid, that we will be producing canned beer once the Ngaio Road brewery is up and running. There are a number of reasons we have gone for cans and top of the list is that it is better for the beer. Cans don’t let in light, also they don’t have a crown seal that can let in oxygen. Both Light and oxygen are enemies of good beer. As long as you don’t drink from the can (thereby pushing your lips up against the metal outside of can)they don’t make the beer taste of metal, the inside of each can is coated in a food safe water based polymer that means the beer never touches the metal.

And while we are talking about drinking from the can if you do it’s most definitely your own prerogative but you will be depriving yourself of the aromas I have painstakingly crafted in the beer by removing your nose from the taste process.
We are in good company in the new wave of canned beer, Garage Project, Hot Water Brewing, Baylands and Three Boys have all started to produce canned beer. For many beer drinkers cans carry an association of cheap mainstream lager, however just like the move from cork to screw caps in the wine world the perception shift will come.