The White Hop

blancThe white IPA we brewed for Beervana this year Blanc de Houblon was a huge success, so much so that we decided to brew a big batch of it as our summer seasonal.  The beer had to have a few changes made to it as the last recipe was we admit quite frankly bonkers (wonderful bonkers but not so practical).  We have changed yeast strains, tweaked the hopping and filtered this incarnation of the beer. It is however still easily identifiable as the big fruity spicy summery IPA that we served in the freezing cold at Beervana. We have 2 launch parties booked , one in Wellington on the 27th of Nov at Rogue and Vagabond and one in Auckland on the 29th of Nov at The Lumsden Freehouse.  I hope to see you there!

Personally I am excited as I will definitely be drinking Blanc de Houblon with crayfish off the BBQ on Christmas Day.

In other news things are developing out at Ngaio Rd, we are working through what is hopefully the end of the building consent process  and the materials for the wet floor are piling up around the brewery. We have moved 2 new white wine barrels into the space and are soaking and rinsing at the moment to remove some of the sulphates that the wine industry are so keen on! When they are clear of the preservative we will fill them with Saison and pitch brett into them.

We have two more brews booked at Kereru this year, a 4th batch of Amber and a 3rd batch of Field  Way APA.

Our brew plant is running a little behind schedule in China , and in a classic case of the cart before the horse our canning line is due to arrive shortly.

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