Cans Cans Cans

Super Alpha 330ml Can - Low ResolutionWe are standing on the threshold of a new important phase of our business.  As our brewery plant is still delayed we have installed our canning line at Panhead and Mike from Panhead and Pete from Garage Project have got it up and running. We think, hope, pray and are led to believe our brewery plant will finally ship from China next week, everyone cross their fingers.
We have discovered a few incorrect parts were shipped with our canning line so once the correct ones arrive the canning line will be good to go. Panhead will put some of their beer through first but then we will brew and package Amber, Field Way and Super Alpha. Our cans get printed in Auckland on Tuesday. Come May you should start to see North End cans popping up on the shelves and in the fridges of your favourite craft beer retailers and bars whoop whoop!