rootsI sometimes get asked why I am involved in a brewery venture at Waikanae. At a certain level I would think it pretty self evident why I would like to build a business in this corner of the world. Waikanae is sunny, warm, stormy, cold and calm, everything a good seaside spot should be. It has a fantastic beach and a wonderful river and a pace of life that lowers the heart rate and eases the senses. At another level it’s the perfect place to build a brewery, it has a local population who are keen to support local businesses and its population is swelled constantly by the Wellingtonians who occupy their Waikanae bachs.  But that is not the reason I am involved, that story goes back a lot further. In the late 1950’s my grandfather William Moore , known to all as Bill, purchased a section of land up on the hill looking out over Waikanae to Kapiti. Along with my Grandmother Win he built a home that they eventually retired into. Bill still lives in the house on the hill, a living legend, Forest and Bird veteran, anti Expressway and anti fracking activist and the only 97 year old I know on facebook.  So I grew up coming to Waikanae, it was where Christmas happened, where holidays and weekends away happened. It was where the best roast dinners were and where the best bush walks were had. It was the beach I grew up on.  Fast forward three decades and its where my partner has a bach, and where eventually we want to be full time. So roll on 2014 and the construction of our new brewery and the next chapter in my relationship with Waikanae. Cheers!