Salt, Wood and Funk

oud ruinEarlier this year we released the first of our Salt and Wood range of barrel aged mixed fermentation beer in bottles. The first three releases were: Baby Grand our Hawkes Bay Cab Sav influenced Flanders Red Ale, Rivage Brux our Sauvignon Blanc influenced Farmhouse Sour Ale, and Cuvee de Moor our Moroccan Quadruple . These first 3 releases have now all sold out from the brewery however we have a whole lot more coming.
The next imminent release is our new Flanders Sour Brown Oud Bruin which was launched at SOBA Winter Ales Festival a week ago. Oud Bruin is the first of our Salt and Wood beers to be produced in a full production batch meaning there is loads of this one to go around. Our Oud Bruin is a very modern take on the Flanders Sour Brown Ale style, a style of beer that combines clean lactic acidity, rich slightly roast malt notes and tangy aged dried fruit flavours and aromas. We produced Oud Bruin by brewing ½ the batch and running it into a tank with a cocktail of yoghurt producing lacto cultures. After 48 hours the wort was sufficiently sour and was run back into the kettle where it was combined with a second non soured ½ and the blend was then boiled with a light addition of pacific jade hops, and a healthy addition of dried cherries and prunes.  We then fermented the beer with our favoured Trappist ale yeast. The result is malty, fruity, tart and we think unique.
Oud Bruin will be our first Salt and Wood release in cans rather than in bottle and the first North End beer  to be released in 440ml cans.

Oud Bruin

East Flanders Style Brown Ale

A Flanders Brown produced using yoghurt microbes , dried cherries and prunes.
Tasting Notes:
Aromas of tart fruit, dried fruit, toasty malt and a hint of sherry gives way to a rich palate that blends big rich malt loaf, light roast and big dried fruit notes before a long tart finish.
Food Matches:
Slow cooked beef, hard aged cheese, mushrooms.
Grist: NZ Mild Malt, Munich, Vienna, Special W, Black Malt and Flaked Maize.
Hops: Pacific Jade
Yeast: Abbey II, Blended Lacto Culture.
ABV :  7.0%
IBU:  20
SRM: 23