Beervana is just around the corner. This year there is a dedicated sour beer bar and no surprise considering the current trends in beer and the themed bar there are going to be more sours than ever before pouring. This is a perfect environment for us considering our focus on mixed and spontaneous fermentation.

We are going to be launching two new beers from our Salt and Wood range at the festival.

The first is Blanco our new sherried barrel sour. Blanco is a pale sour ale fermented and aged in French oak barrels that have been seasoned with sherry. The result is an elegant and subtle well balanced sour beer with a hint of PX sweetness and a long dry Fino finish.

The second is the first outing for our spontaneous program. Rustica is our young spontaneously fermented ale and is our own homage to the young lambics enjoyed at cafes in the Pajottenland region of Belgium. Rustica was spontaneously fermented which means we didn’t add any yeast or bacteria to the beer in order to ferment it but rather we cultured a wild blend of microbes from the air of the brewery and allowed that to ferment the wort in relatively neutral French oak barrels. You can read more about our process here. Rustica is tart , with loads of orchard fruit , under ripe grapes, a cider like note and a hint of the barnyard.

Both of these beers will see limited release in bottles in September.