The Dark Veil

When we ferment and age our beers in barrels a skin called a pellicle forms across the top of the beer helping to protect the beer below from oxidation. This is an element that we have in common with sherry and natural wine production. In the sherry world this skin is called flor while in natural wine production it is sometimes romantically called The Veil.

Enter our new beer La Voile Noir or The Dark Veil. La Voile Noir is a blend of three different base beers aged and given secondary fermentation in our wood cellar. The result is a dark funky barrel aged beer loosely in the Saison tradition. La Voile Noir will debut next month at the Pacific Beer Expo on tap and will be coming out in bottles to celebrate our birthday in February.

Excitingly in addition to a sneak preview of La Voile Noir you will also be able to get some tasty BBQ from The Salt and Wood Collective at the Pacific Beer Expo as Salt and Wood will be catering the festival!

We will see you there.